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Woodroc (Doors) ISO

Woodroc Factory produces a wide rangev of internal and external doors, which are divided into four main Categories; Flash doors, decorated doors, sold doors and semi-sold door.

The Woodroc has achieved the ISO 9001:2008 in 2012, which helped in improving the quality management system, which has reflected positively on our sales inside and outside the Kingdom.

Most companies are now aware that the badge of quality approval enhances their image in the business community and with prospective customers. Demonstrating that a company has a quality culture to supply conforming products and services is an important management  challenge. An effective ISO 9001 Quality Management System with the support and commitment from top management can improve customer satisfaction, business efficiency and achieve considerable cost savings, whilst positively enhancing Company Image. ISO 9000 is an International Standard Certification that developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) -Technical Committee for the Quality Management System. ISO 9000 Certification is verifying the Quality Systems of the company are within the ISO Standard Operating Procedures and helps to build up the best Quality Products for the company, the customer and end users. The organization has to be audited by the Qualified Auditor and to be registered the certification through the Accredited 3rd party. As per our policy, we are committed to continually improve our manufacturing process and products, ensure our employees are trained and competent, continually strive for minimize the product return rate, Delivery on time and improve the effectiveness of our QMS.

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 Last Projects:

King Abdulaziz International Airport     Jeddah     Fire-reted Doors     Civil Aviation  
Prince M. Bin Abdul Aziz Inter. Airport     Madina   Fire rated doors   Civil Aviation  
King Khalid Military Base   Hafer lbaten   Flush Doors   Ministry of Defence  
King Saoud University   Riyadh   Acoustic & Fire-reted Doors   Ministry of Education  
Elaf hotel Bakkah   Makkah  

Flush Doors

Gulf School   Jeddah  

Fire rated doors

Violet Makkah Hotel   Makkah  

Fire rated doors

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