About Us

MIDROC Holding Company is a conglomerate that is owned by sheik Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi, a prominent self made businessman who managed to build a diversified businesses locally, regionally and  Internationally through persistence, patience and vision, including but not limited to: Oil Industry Mining, Agriculture, Hotels, Hospitals, Finance and Manufacturing, that are manned with more than 40,000 employee located all over the world, taking into consideration that MIDROC. Holding Company owns and manages more than 70 companies and factories situated throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.

WOODROC / The idea behind the establishment of Al-Muwakaba Wooden Furniture & Industries Factory Co. Ltd. (WOODROC) came out of a dire need for an advanced factory that can respond to the fast growing recent and future needs of the Saudi and Gulf Council Countries needs GCC (individuals and firms) for the manufacturing of high quality furniture (materials & workmanship) taking into account authenticity and modernity as to design concept and taste, based on Customer requirements and needs.

OUR FACTORY/ There are about 200 technician and professionals working at Woodroc Factory, equipped with latest state of art machines and equipment sported  by improving the  habitat which will enable people to live in a functional and pleasant environment that allow then to achieve Woodroc  Top Management goals. Our philosophy based on the fact that, “Houses are built to live in more than to look on”. Hence to achieve such goal, we take into consideration many factors confirmed by wise decisions that makes our company looks different from other firms. A careful selection of materials, precise measurements and adopting procedures that combines woodwork with advanced technology are utilized as we believe such factors are an integral part of quality. Thus, in order to excel in our field, we develop products that combines , elegance, comfort and practical furnishing that makes the User enjoy living in his/her own world. We also we pay special attention to the Environment Protection requirements and make sure that our produces are dependable and environment close friend. We are proud to say that we are Pioneers in the adoption of transparency and tenderness in dealing with our staff and we consider our Clients as Partners, sow we are committed to build a business relationship with the and try to make every thing easy for them; every product is furnished with a literature that describes in detail the materials and the techniques used in manufacturing, since the provision of such adequate information about our products is one of the rights which must be granted the Clients. The client is the center of our endeavor  to success and his/her satisfaction is a goal that we pursue and always make sure of it accomplishment.

 Last Projects:

King Abdulaziz International Airport     Jeddah     Fire-reted Doors     Civil Aviation  
Prince M. Bin Abdul Aziz Inter. Airport     Madina   Fire rated doors   Civil Aviation  
King Khalid Military Base   Hafer lbaten   Flush Doors   Ministry of Defence  
King Saoud University   Riyadh   Acoustic & Fire-reted Doors   Ministry of Education  
Elaf hotel Bakkah   Makkah  

Flush Doors

Gulf School   Jeddah  

Fire rated doors

Violet Makkah Hotel   Makkah  

Fire rated doors

  Al Hassoun