Wooden Clading




Woodroc always seeks to provide the needs of the woodproducts which meet the interests of our customers and help them to achieve the goals that had been planned in advance in their projects studies. Wood rock always takes care of all manufacturing details such as Production, workmanship and aesthetic design together with sophisticated finishing. Among our factory’s range of production the manufacturing of all types of wooden works; such as furniture’s, doors, wall Cladding …etc. sine we obtain all the technical capabilities which enable us to implement all types designs that customers would like to apply on their Project in order to reach the aesthetic value of their projects. Woodroc shall remain endeavoring to keep to keep up with wood work market developments to keep our distinguish seat within the industry pattern.

 Last Projects:

King Abdulaziz International Airport     Jeddah     Fire-reted Doors     Civil Aviation  
Prince M. Bin Abdul Aziz Inter. Airport     Madina   Fire rated doors   Civil Aviation  
King Khalid Military Base   Hafer lbaten   Flush Doors   Ministry of Defence  
King Saoud University   Riyadh   Acoustic & Fire-reted Doors   Ministry of Education  
Elaf hotel Bakkah   Makkah  

Flush Doors

Gulf School   Jeddah  

Fire rated doors

Violet Makkah Hotel   Makkah  

Fire rated doors

  Al Hassoun