WOODROC meticulously orchestrates every step in the development, design and production of our upholstery section. A unique collaboration between the most competent, committed, and conscientious designers, managers and craftspeople distinguishes our line and places WOODROC as one of the local market leaders. We offer a wide range of designs from modern to transitional. Regardless of your style selection, every piece crafted by our factory is a product of precise construction.




Sofas Catalogue

 Last Projects:

King Abdulaziz International Airport     Jeddah     Fire-reted Doors     Civil Aviation  
Prince M. Bin Abdul Aziz Inter. Airport     Madina   Fire rated doors   Civil Aviation  
King Khalid Military Base   Hafer lbaten   Flush Doors   Ministry of Defence  
King Saoud University   Riyadh   Acoustic & Fire-reted Doors   Ministry of Education  
Elaf hotel Bakkah   Makkah  

Flush Doors

Gulf School   Jeddah  

Fire rated doors

Violet Makkah Hotel   Makkah  

Fire rated doors

  Al Hassoun